MJS Computer Services are Specialist Computer Cleaners, Specialising in computer cleaning, computer and computer room cleaning and all your IT cleaning services Newcastle and north east of england.

On Site Laptop Repair Service
Telephone 0191  2037011

Professional PC / laptop cleaning and
Health check service for Newcastle Upon Tyne

As part of the health-check, we will check the following aspects of your computer or laptop (MOT-style):

  •    Analyse windows services & startup items, disabling erroneous and surplus items.
  •    Clean-up temp files / folders which can slow down browsing / general computer use.
  •    Defragment hard drives.
  •    Check system drivers are up-to-date.
  •    Install latest service packs.
  •    Check for computer viruses

This would be appropriate for people who are experiencing ‘slow-downs’
in their PC or laptop during normal use, or if the boot-time has become
irritatingly long.

Computer and laptop cleaning services: Prevention is cheaper than cure.

With current Health and Safety Standards regulating the cleanliness of computer
equipment and telephones, and independent research findings linking dirty office
equipment, telephones and computers to illness and absenteeism among staff,
can any organisation really afford to ignore the importance of maintaining a clean and sanitised working environment and keeping your computer equipment regularly cleaned?

What we do when cleaning your computers:

  • Remove side cover of PC`s exposing the inner workings
  • Hovering out dust from PC`s
  • Clean the cooling fans and power supply unit
  • The case, Keyboard and screen are thoroughly cleaned
  • A full health check can be performed at the same time (extra)

Most commercial office cleaning services won't clean computers while cleaning an office. In fact, most commercial cleaners won't even dust a desk that a computer is sitting on or near.

Why? Simply because they don't want to accept the liability should anything happen to the computer equipment or information and programs stored within.

The fastest and most efficient way to have your business computer`s cleaned and serviced is to use people who are trained and are competent with computer repair.

That is where MJS Computer Services can help!

If you require our services, please give us a call for a free quote.