Laptop not booting, hard drive error repair service for Newcastle

  • Laptop not booting to Windows?
  • Stuck in a repair loop?
  • Windows won`t start in safe mode?
  • Windows finds errors but is unable to fix them?
  • Need a complete reinstallation and backup but don`t have Windows CD?


This is possibly one of the most annoying problems that PC users face.
It is often caused through a bad shutdown (unplugged from mains without being closed down) and can be very unforgiving.

The most irritating thing is that most companies don`t supply original Windows CD`s or even a restore disc, instead relying on the customer to manually do it and lets face it, who has time?

We can offer a number of solutions to this problem and we`ll have you up and running in no time!
Give us a call today.

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