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Computer Networking Support Service
I.T Support for home users, businesses & schools in Newcastle upon Tyne and surrounding areas including Gateshead, Whickham, Jesmond, Heaton, High Heaton and Gosforth.

MJS Computer Services are the leading IT support consultancy company for homes and businesses in the North East of England. We cater for everyday PC problems as we understand how users are left in the lurch when it comes to computer technology.

Over the past few years, MJS has extended its technologies by providing a range of IT related features helping businesses with all their IT needs ranging from PC repair to business networking solutions.

Have you ever thought of networking your computer’s together? Ever wondered what it would be like to share data across several PC’s? Want to share Internet connection? Well look no further, at M.J.S Computer Services, we can cater for all your networking needs, whether it be a wireless or non wireless solution.

We can maintain all your current networks, check for problems and keep your network as stable as possible.
With the advance in network speed technology, M.J.S Computer Services can upgrade your current 100mbs network to 1000mbs, increasing your overall speed by tenfold!

We have developed reliable, cost-effective solutions to increase the efficiency of home users and businesses.We offer a wide range of services and customized solutions designed to meet your computer needs, but are also available for individual consulting on your existing system.

Our Engineers are fully trained and have many years experience in providing quality service and assistance.

Our home user rate offers a competitive rate of £40/hr for homes and £75/hr for businesses, with no call out charge. This applies to network repair only. Most of our other range of work is set at a fixed rate.

You only pay for the work we do

If you require any network services, from linking PC`s together to share files to full office set ups, please don`t hesitate to get in touch.