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Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 Password
Resetting  service for Newcastle

It is very irritating when you forget your Windows administrator's password, The fact is that you need to gain access to a computer and you cannot "remember" the administrator's password.

How can you get out of this situation without formatting and re-installing the operating system?

One method of gaining access to the system is by trying hard to remember the forgotten password, or a password of another user which has the same level of administrative rights. However I don't think this approach will help you, otherwise you wouldn't be sitting here reading article, would you?

Another method is by trying to restore a backed up System State (in Windows 2000/XP/2003) or a ERD (in NT 4.0) in which you do remember the password. The problem with doing so is that you'll probably lose all of the recently add users and groups, and all the changed passwords for all of your users since the last backup was made.

A third method might be to install a parallel operating system on a different partition on the same computer, then use a simple trick to gain access to the old system.

Note: If you are looking for password cracking tools that can be used for miscellaneous objectives such as password-protected PDF documents, zipped archives, Office documents, BIOS protection and so on then this pages is NOT for you.

The fourth option is by using 3rd party tools that will enable you to reset the lost password and logon with a blank password.

Free Windows password-cracking tools are usually Linux boot disks that have NT file system (NTFS) drivers and software that will read the registry and rewrite the password hashes for any account including the Administrators. This process requires physical access to the console and an available floppy drive but it works like a charm! I've done it myself several times with no glitch or problem whatsoever.

Beware!!! Resetting a user's or administrator's password on some systems (like Windows XP) might cause data loss, especially EFS-encrypted files and saved passwords from within Internet Explorer.


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